The many benefits of human cloning

However, genetically modified humans, likely to be produced for certain purposes by scientists and governments. THE GOOD Therapeutic cloning is supported to a certain extent, as it can generate tissue and whole organs which can be used to treat patients who otherwise cannot obtain transplants easily.

However, it is still a very novel technology. Considering that identical twins are natural clones, we can regard reproductive cloning as the technological version of the process.

The Many Implications of Human Cloning

Human cloning could be beneficial in the areas of cell development, infertility, and various types of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Many opponents of the technology feel that its process is artificial and interferes with nature, even believing that the natural process of procreation is not something that should be corrected or altered in a way.

Down's syndrome, liver failure, kidney failure, leukemia, spinal cord injury, genetic diseases are some of the ailments which can also be cured by cloning. On occasion, people are so brilliant that they progress society in amazing ways.

16 Important Pros and Cons of Cloning Humans

The case of breast implants for cosmetic reasons is also similar. Silicone breast implants and other cosmetic procedures that may cause immune disease could soon be over because of the technology associated with cloning. It is an innovation that can change the world in a positive way.

12 Disadvantages and Advantages of Human Cloning

However, it is still a very novel technology. Parents who have lost a child could have another baby. Medical Science In examining the benefits of human cloning, I will provide possible advantages that have serious ethical repercussions. There is no real way to tell what the social, mental, and medical consequences may be endured due to cloning.

We shall now explore these speculative positive and negative implications of cloning on the human race. Do you support reproductive cloning and believe it will do great good for the people and society. Reproductive cloning takes place through artificial embryo splitting, in which mono zygotic twins are created from a single embryo.

Here is a list of advantages. THE BAD Despite its possible benefits, there are various equally possible negative implications of cloning, as well as ethical issues. There is no clear information on who will have control over who gets cloned, and firms are already making money from storing tissues from dead partners and children until the time when human cloning becomes widely available.

Many of the repercussions and effects of cloning remain unknown. It is a new world of science that is still continually be discovered. There is no real way to tell what the social, mental, and medical consequences may be endured due to cloning.

Human Cloning Benefits

Opponents of human cloning feel that is a mute debate, since the technology is primarily unsuccessful. In fact, over 90% of human cloning attempts have been labeled as “failure”, which means that the human DNA is only put at risk during the process. As you can see, human DNA can be contaminated, and the chances of success are very rare.

The Many Implications of Human Cloning. Updated on October 20, Fatema. more. Contact Author The possible life changing benefits of therapeutic cloning in the field of medicine imply its higher chances of endorsement and development by various authorities.

However, the various ethical, religious, and possible social issues. The Benefits of Human Cloning In recent years, many new breakthroughs in the areas of science and technology have been discovered.

Human cloning

A lot of these discoveries have been beneficial to scientific community and to the people of the world. One of the newest breakthroughs is the ability to clone. Gene cloning, also known as DNA cloning, is a very different process from reproductive and therapeutic cloning. Reproductive and therapeutic cloning share many of the same techniques, but are done for different purposes.

Human cloning could produce many benefits. Human therapeutic cloning could provide genetically identical cells for regenerative medicine, and tissues and organs for transplantation. Such cells, tissues, and organs would neither trigger an immune response nor require the use of immunosuppressive drugs.

The many benefits of human cloning
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