Elken business plan malaysia pargo

It has established a company, Elken Services Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Narisia Sales and Service, to concentrate on attending after-sales services to its customers. This helps to attract more people to join Elken.

Elken Malaysia

Furthermore, Elken also always comes out with more variety of products and services through the research and development activities, whereby, it can attract different range customers with the unlimited products and services.

The only thing you need is to find a reputable company, one that you trust, that offers a product or service you believe in and can get passionate about.

Any application in the name of a company or a third party will not be accepted. At the same time, it may cast a dishonourable image and negative impression on the Company, its Distributors, business partners, officers, shareholders, Board of Directors and agents to the media, relevant authorities and general public.

Company Background - Elken Essay

Such conduct will result in their distributorship being terminated. No Distributor is allowed to raise or lower the price of any product. All products of the Company shall be sold at its Retail Price as prescribed or approved by the Company.

Besides that, Elken also successfully provide a very convenient, effective and efficient working environment for its distributors through the EOL system and SMS strategies.

It believes in and practices good Business Governance. Since its establishment, Elken has grown by leaps and bounds where its network now spans across various countries around the region that include neighbours like Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and as far as towards Hong Kong and India.

With this in mind, it offers not only occasional free gifts, personalized service but also speedy delivery services and an efficient Customer Service Department. In the annual dinner, everyone will get at least a prize from Elken and the grand prize is a vacation to overseas.

At initial stage, the organization did not have any online system or website. You can earn five levels of bonus with the iElken Compensation Plan, basing on your weekly sales volume contributed by yourself and the team you build: Posted on Apr 16, Sharing is caring: All statements regarding product description and use must conform in every way to the written policies of the Company.

Build your global business empire With the right tools and training, you can coach and mentor your team members to follow your successful footsteps and build their own networks.

Besides that, it can also apply the same strategy to identify the best distributor of the month. Ultimately, this allows you to get what you came for when looking for your own business!. Analysis of the Business/IS/IT Strategies. Since Elken is a direct-selling company, its value customers are the distributors who help to spread its business and products to other people.

Elken current business strategy is attracting more people to join its company by offering various rewards and incentives. At Elken, our opportunities build communities, families, health and wealth. Our commitment is to provide the best to help you achieve your fullest potential.

Live Your Dreams. Over a million people have joined Elken as Independent Business Owners and hundreds of.

Elken - Success In Your Life

Stay safe online! Please make sure you login at the correct hazemagmaroc.com URL. Never login via suspicious links from emails that are not sent by Elken Sdn Bhd. The Elken opportunity secures your financial future, gives you freedom of time and builds you to achieve your best potential in life.

ELKEN DISTRIBUTOR’S RULES & REGULATIONS. The following Elken Distributors’ Rules & Regulations are implemented with the purpose of safeguarding the rights and regulating the obligations of its Distributors rather than restraining their independent business activities.

The Elken Business Plan Besides getting front end retail profits, a distributor could earn upwards to 71% in commissions. On top of that, there are various more bonuses in the Elken compensation plan like the Manager's Bonus, Leadership Bonus, car, house and travel funds, to say the least.

Elken business plan malaysia pargo
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