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The challenge currently being addressed at regional level is the development of and adding value to this industry that is at the centre of a territorial internationalisation process. Since its creation inBIC Lazio has created and managed a number of specialised business incubation centres.

No No, Italy did not adopt a dedicated legislation that prohibits Public Sector Information Holders from granting exclusive right to resell or reuse data to any legal entity.

Valencia region has 19, This describes the intrinsic nature of Italy, which can be considered to be a country of innovation with the continuity with its rich cultural heritage. It is time to reinvent our future through a bottom-up strategy.

The web platform also gathers entities, business and entrepreneurs, promoting cooperation. The device is wireless, based on ZigBEE technology, does not require brickworks, the controller integrates a set of communication protocols, is an open system that can be implemented at any time.

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The following are the subjects to be invol- ved in order to transfer this new idea properly in the intere- sted countries: As a private not-for-profit organisation, APRE is supported by universities, and private and public organisations in the research field.

Ecological management of the commons will allow to exploit a surplus biomass and possibly even geothermal energy to provide services to the local community. Traffic Statistics

It also provides methods of engagement, assisting businesses and individuals to find creative enterprises in the sub-region. Conference Get to know different financial instruments oriented to support startups in media sector I3 is a European Commission funded project to support creative industries and social media convergence by shortening the gap from research through to market deployment.

Then there will be a stage in which personal interpretations can be articulated, structured and captured. Then, the "se- cond-generation" tourists —the "mass-tourists"— were interested in standardised services and in finding everywhere in the world the same comforts they had at home.

Subsequently, the event contributed to the positive image of the Algarve among tourists and Portuguese nationals. It also promotes innovation and technology transfer to the production system and Sicilian society.

In particular, ARCA aims to promote: The centre includes an incubation area, business area and exhibition area. Its main objectives are to: The Albergo Diffuso in practice An Albergo Diffuso is a new and ingenious form of hospitality that can bring, both during its rea- lisation and after its start-up, sustainable development, trigge- ring economic liveliness and provide opportunities for a ba- lanced use of local resources and tourist potentialities.

But Mr Telloni will need a new framework to reinvent the social and economic value of the forest and the adjacent commons.

What was gained from the implementation process. Everywhere in Manziana, Janus is looking into the past, bearing witness of an identity that lingers on in buildings and on old faces, but this identity fails to provide a living to present and future generations.

Initially, the programme was held from May to October but was extended to 11 months in What is an Albergo Diffuso An Albergo Diffuso represents also a unique development approach that doesn't produce negative environmental impacts. [email protected] BIC Lazio spa – Business Innovation Centre Raffaella Labruna [email protected] Gothenburg Region The Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities Georgia Larsson/Per Kristersson [email protected] [email protected] Ljubljana.

plan ESEMPIO DI PRESENTAZIONE POWERPOINT PER TESI DI LAUREA – SCRIVERE TITOLO QUI. candidato luigi serbelloni mazzanti relatore prof. luigi tizio correlatori prof. pino tizio ing.

gino tizio. The Universitá Agraria has successfully conserved forests and pastures throughout the 20th century. The reconversion of the Solfatara di Manziana provides the opportunity for the Universitá to redefine the relationship between the community and the environment.

ESA Business Incubation at ESRIN for Italy (EBI Italy) is the Italian branch of the ESA-wide Business Incubation initiative. It hosts entrepreneurs and start-up companies that use space technology and systems in non-space sectors at BIC Lazio's ITech Business Incubator in Rome.

A startup born in Rome, incubated by BicLazio, Airgloss has developed two low cost devices (also presented last month at Las Vegas CES) to analyze real-time air quality, detect and identify harmful substances to human health by means of an artificial intelligence algorithm, notifying such information to the user via the app, intervening in the air exchange or interacting directly with the ventilation, filtering. bic lazio offre servizi per la creazione e sviluppo d'impresa: redazione business plan, incubatori di impresa, attività di tutoraggio, corsi di formazione per imprenditori, finanziamenti agevolati, finanziamenti europei.

Biclazio business plan
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